Hey you, here’s more about me.

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Where do I start? I am trying to think of a way I can tell you about me without sounding boring hehe. I don’t want this to sound like a LinkedIn about me section or a Facebook profile, so let’s get going.

I’m Grace. People who are close to me call me Gracey and people who know me inside out call me crazy Gracey. …

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A short poem asking what is real?

How to feel when someone asks “what is real?”

Here’s how I feel:
God’s love is real, just like a meal —
It fills me up when the going gets tough,
Fills me up when waking up is rough
Filling me up every day is more than enough.

How to feel when I long to belong, moving from place to place...

Here’s how I feel:
God's love is my light, keeping my hopes up at night:
It gives me grace, no fear to face,
Gives me grace, looking up as I pace,
Giving me grace, in every case.

How to…

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Embracing the feeling of waiting for your lover

Depression can be dismantling, here are some tips to follow to stay on top of it and your creative side

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Having depression is tough. It has been called the world’s number one public health problem by David Burns.

One day you feel useless in bed and the next day you feel OK. Either way, procrastination takes place because of depressions power over you.

As a depressed creative, I can vouch for the times where I suffer from procrastination and lack of inspiration. It can be debilitating. So here’s how to thrive as a creative freelancer with depression.

Depression seems to be rife amongst creative people” — Jim Mckay

Write a to-do list

If I didn’t set deadlines, I would get nothing done. However, sometimes…

Plus the outline of the session: It’s crazy what can happen in the space of an hour when you are open to heal.

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I am a coach but have never been coached before. So when I saw a competition to get a healing session worth $250, curiosity took me over. I ended up winning (never happens!) and I am here to tell you what I learnt from a 1-hour healing session worth $250.

If you are like me, then you will doubt what you can get out of something so expensive. Let’s put it this way — it was good, but I am glad I didn’t pay for it. …

#2 No one can see or know my flaws

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We all have those beliefs that bombard our brains when overthinking. We all hold perfectionist beliefs about ourselves up to a certain extent that either exuberates us or exhausts us.

I have come to realise my perfectionist beliefs and battled with them. Now I have made peace with them — do you want to too?

Then here are five perfectionist beliefs that are holding you back from fulfiling your potential!

If I am not the best at what I do, then I am a failure

Nobody is the best at everything.

Just let that sink in for a moment. You can’t be the best at everything, but you can be at one thing.

But then…

It happens. Here is how to deal with it.

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I’m emotionally drained as a writer. It sometimes gets too much and I then disappear for a while to come back again. That makes me feel worse. So I’m putting a stop to it and pushing through. I’ve been working hard on my new book as well as attempting to write on here as regularly as possible. It’s possible to be drained as a writer and happens more than you think:

“Two hours of writing fiction leaves the writer completely drained. For those two hours he’s been in a different place with totally different people. “ — Roald Dahl


Self-talk determines your mood. Here are some sayings to bring more positivity into your life.

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The way we speak to ourselves has an effect on our mood and almost everything. Believe it or not, but what we say to ourselves determines our present and our future. We can manifest our lives by self-talk.

Recently, I have been more aware of the way I nurture my inner voice and have tried to manifest in being more grateful and giving. It is working a treat. I feel I have more energy and feel better generally.

As a sufferer of depression and schizophrenia, medication isn’t just going to work on its own — I need to work on…

Everybody tells me I shouldn’t be with him, but my heart says otherwise — tips on how to deal with people’s opinions.

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Recently, I have gotten into a relationship with a difference. If you read my articles, then you will know, but here goes.

We met at a mental clinic. (I know what you are thinking already — something along the lines “are you sure you want to date this guy?”)

So now I am out of the mental clinic and he is still in rehab, no one understands why I am with him. My friends and family have great concern, but I frankly am sticking to what my heart says.

Here is how to survive when no one understands why you…


Tea addict, yoga teacher, well-being coach, passionate writer spreading peace. No-BS advice: focus on well-being. Let's connect:

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